Offering Armed Guards & Armed Drivers both nationally and internationally. Experienced in Executive protection, estate protection, touring specialist & special events. Working with the elite & famous for over 10 years, we bring the safety deserved to our clientele.

Security Services Provided

Armed & Unarmed Bodyguards

Bringing you both Armed & Unarmed Body Guards specializing in a varity of services. From close personal protection to advanced tacticle protection.

Event & venue security

Service providing event organizers & venue owners  the peace of mind they need to optimize the guest experience, without compromising safety.

Local, national & international specialist

A higher level of specialized security services tailored to fit the individual clientels needs. This is not limited to a guard or team per client.

Executive protection

 Also known as close protection, provides security and risk mitigation  for the ultimate safty of clientele exposed to elevated personal risk.

armed & professional drivers

Providing our clientele with the best security which is trained to double as a professional chofer and protection. The advantage is endless. 

security officer

Individuals trained to secure the premise of a private community, shopping malls, movie theaters and many other public venues.

Touring specialist

Highly skilled and trained guards in themusic and celebrity industry specializing in travel security, and closed protection security.

















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